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With a winning formula for success, Hot Spring Spas is the world’s leading hot tub brand offering the absolute best hot tub ownership experience by delivering products with cutting-edge design, patented technology, high-quality materials, energy efficiency and unparalleled ownership benefits.Hot Spring Spas is the only manufacturer to have one of its spas named a Best Buy each of the seven times Consumers Digest has rated spas.
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Flair Limelight® Collection

Experience True Relaxation in Style

Every once in a while, something comes along made just for you. With a style that says something about the way you live, the values you hold and the lifestyle you’ve created. Amenities that wrap you up and hold you tight. And dynamic features that make an experience, an “experience”. All at a value that makes perfect sense.

Sensational Jets

We design our own jets so each has the power to give you an incredible massage. All our jets are completely adjustable to create just the right sensation, from powerful and invigorating to gentle and soothing.

Jet Specifications:
41 Total Jets
(All with stainless steel trim)

5 – Combination XL jets
8 – Combination jets
28 – Direct jets

To maximize energy efficiency and lower operating costs, your Limelight Collection hot tub is fully
insulated. Innovative FiberCor insulation is applied at a 2 lb. density level – which is 4-times greater than ½ lb. foam used in most spas.

Throw Some Color on the Scene
The Raio® lighting system illuminates the entire hot tub with up to 32 points of light accenting the lines of the hot tub interior, the tranquil arch of the Vidro™ waterfall and each of the four corners. Six color options can be set in a high, medium, low or off position. Showcase one color or set the system to loop through all of them sequentially at your choice of speeds.

Wireless TV &Sound System

WirelessSound System

Integrated MP3Sound System

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