Make Sure Your Family Is LOOP-LOC Protected.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – except when it comes to your family’s safety.  So make sure you protect your family with the only safety pool cover proven strong enough to support an elephant: LOOP-LOC. No other cover meets our quality standards – or comes with our commitment to superior customer service.

Whether you have an Inground, Semi Inground or
an Above Ground Swimming Pool, we have your
cover. Plugs, Cover Pumps, Tubes & Pillows,
Winterizing Chemicals and Accessories…
Everything you need to close your swimming
pool the right way!

We’ll also test your water for FREE!
Just bring in a small sample.

Above Ground & Inground Pool Covers

Pool Covers-1

Inground Pool Covers • Above Ground Pool Covers • Safety Pool Covers
Leaf Mesh Pool Covers… Every Size and Shape!

Everything You Need To Winterize Your Pool


Plugs • Cables • Tubes and Pillows • Clips • Cover Pumps
Winterizing Chemicals and Everything You Need To Close Your Pool The Right Way!

FREE Water Testing, Just Bring Us a Sample

Water Testing-3

Test Kits • Test Strips • For All Size Pools and Spas!
Salt, Chlorine, pH, Bromine Test, Essential For a Healthy and Clean Swimming Pool!

Huge Selection of Pool Toys and Floats

Infltables & Toys-4

Loungers, Beach Balls, Under Water Games, Basketball, Soccer, Water Polo,
All Kinds of Games for the Whole Family To Enjoy!!